Lean Six Sigma Professional Association

The Lean Six Sigma Professionals Association (LSSPA) is the premier organisation for the exchange of knowledge in enterprise excellence. Members come together to explore lean Six Sigma thinking and other enterprise improvement methods, exchange best practices and network in order to advance their careers and improve the competitiveness and overall value of their organisations.


Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that relies on a collaborative team effort to improve performance by systematically removing waste and reducing variation

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Improve Your Business Process with Lean Six Sigma

Our subject matter specialists can offer valuable insights and various alternatives that help our clients maintain the competitive edge in the longer term as well.

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Our Partner who provide affordable massive online Six Sigma Training in Asia


is our partner who deliver high quality digital courses on different level of Lean and Six Sigma Certification in Asia region. In 2020, LSSPA and UCOURSE.ORG have joinly published the Six Sigma Survey of China 2020, to study and deliver the insight from the six sigma development in China.